Right, its time us girls had some fun out on our bikes testosterone free. The idea is to get out ridng and have the adventures that the lads have without feeling like were holding them up, or muscling in on “man time”…. So weekends away to the mountains, coaching days and regular rides out all on the agenda.
For mums out there, a chance to meet other cycling mums to head out with the kids, road biking, dh, XC BMX etc etc…
At the moment alot of the people who know about NBB are in Sheffield, but hopefully that will grow to get a network of women around the UK to start riding with.
It’d be great to get everyone together so we can try out different types of riding, support at races and advice on all things bike!
Any questions, or if you are interested in heading out for a ride/ organising a ride contact me on noballsbiking@live.co.uk or leave a message on here.
Happy riding!

2 Responses to About

  1. Lou says:

    Really keen to be kept up to dates with rides events etc :0) will spread the word!!!!! Xxxx :0)

  2. Rhi says:

    I’d be really up for this as well! I’ve just bought a road bike after some Olympic inspiration and I’d love to get out on a ride :)!

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